Soul-Filling Sundays

Happy, happy Sunday loves! I have been having a great weekend at home, which started on Friday with a girl’s day in Laguna with one of my besties and is ending back at home in my pj’s drinking coffee and planning out my week ahead. I used to dread Sunday’s because it meant that Monday was so close on the horizon, but I have learned to actually really enjoy Sunday’s. Today I’m planning on cranking out some work in the morning while drinking my favorite non-dairy cold brew, and then grabbing a late lunch with my sister and mom this afternoon. Tonight I’m heading back up to school with a pep in my step and a smile on my face knowing that I’ll be back home in just a few short days for President’s Weekend!

Last Sunday one of my best friends picked me up from school and then we set out for Trader Joe’s to buy some ingredients for a picnic. We ended up purchasing sunflowers, sparking lemonade, a baguette and cheeses as well as a giant bag of sweetheart candies (couldn’t resist!) We found a local park and just hung out for a few hours. You guys, it was so nice. The weather was beautiful and me and my friend Bella just had the best time laughing and eating. This is what I like about Sunday’s. Not thinking about the week ahead but instead savoring the time that I have for rest. I think Sunday’s and I are going to get along just fine. 🙂

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Weekend Reads

Happy February! I can’t believe how fast 2018 is already moving and the fact that February has already begun. Starting school again after a lengthy winter break was pretty difficult but I’m happy to say that I have finally gotten back into the swing of things. I have to say, though, the sunshine and high temps. we have had in LA over the past week are sure giving me a boost! Without further ado, here are some articles/musings/brands that caught my eye this week:

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  1. The Ordinary. If you haven’t already heard about the new skincare brand called “The Ordinary”, then let me give you the dish. The Ordinary is a 100% plant-based skincare brand that has grown from a line of just a few products to over 100! What is unique about The Ordinary is the list of ingredients. Each product is identified by its scientific name, which can make it difficult to decipher what you’re actually buying. I have heard great things about the line and was excited to try out a few of their products because they are so. dang. affordable. and do no testing on animals. I ended up purchasing 3 different products so I’ll go ahead and do a review once I’ve had the opportunity to test them. This article on the Everygirl was a great reference to help narrow down what I should order.
  2. Dana Kofsky’s Home Tour on IBT. I adored this home tour over on Inspired By This because of all of the natural + organic elements. It only makes sense that as a wellness expert, Kofsky, would emanate a clean + cozy vibe in her home.
  3. Guide to Coffee-Making: I’m an avid reader of and I loved one of their most recent posts about the guide to coffee-making. I’m living in an apartment next year (!) and am starting to think about what kind of coffee maker I want to get. I’ve always been excited about the possibility of a Keurig (so simple + straightforward) but I hate how much waste the pods produce (they’re non-recyclable – what’s up with that?!). I have also considered getting a French Press b/c my parents own and love theirs, but it’s more a matter of if I’ll have time every morning to make that kind of coffee. Thoughts?! No matter what, I know that next year I’ll be referencing this LC article!
  4. New Target Finds: Anyone else here follow @targetdoesitagain on Insta?! I recently started following them and I would say that it’s an addiction at this point. I love Target, but I didn’t know just how much until they released the Universal Threads brand. I went to my local store yesterday and tried on so many things from the brand and loved EVERYTHING. I stepped away with 3 items that I know will get a lot of wear. The line launches tomorrow online and in stores! The aesthetic is very similar to Madewell but wayyy more affordable (!).

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend ladies and gents 🙂 

5 Things I Learned After A Month in Hawaii

Today’s post is one that’s been brewing in my mind for a while. I just got back on Sunday from three amazing weeks in my absolute favorite place in the world – Kauai. I’ve been going to Kauai every year for Christmas since I was a baby and it never gets old. I had three weeks there this year and it was pure bliss. Coming back on Sunday night into LAX was quite the shocker…haha! I’ve been feeling kind of sluggish and under the weather the past few days because of what my family likes to call the “post-Kauai” depression – AKA how we all feel after spending a long time in the islands. Coming back to Los Angeles was quite the contrast to the small, peaceful island that I love so much. Although it is difficult to be back in the “grind” of school and work, having the ability to go on vacation really puts things into perspective for me. Since returning from my trip, I have been feeling extra grateful for so many things in my life. Without further ado, here are five lessons I learned while in Kauai for the holidays.

  1. Family is everything. You’ve heard it from me and you’ve heard it before…I am so close with my parents and sister. My parents and older sister are my best friends and I cherish all of the time that I get to spend with them. The older I get, the more I begin to realize how little free time I might have to go on vacation, etc. once I actually enter the real world. Also, spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents really taught me how much I value every single member of my family and how these people are my people. 
  2. “Checking out” is a beautiful thing. It was so nice to disconnect from everything for a few weeks while I was away. Although I still posted on Instagram and would chat with friends here and there, I began to understand how much I crave solitude. There were some days in Kauai where I would maybe talk to 2-3 people and I was perfectly content. Although I love social interactions and connecting with people, I really really value time to myself as well, especially without technology.
  3. There is so much beauty around us. Kauai is called the “Garden Isle” among the Hawaiian Islands and it is hands-down the most relaxing setting I’ve ever been in. I got into the habit of taking a morning walk every morning with my headphones in, absorbing everything that surrounded me. Looking back on my trip, this was one of my absolute favorite things. Spending time by myself in nature was so blissful. Every time I came across an orange butterfly or chirping bird I just had the biggest smile on my face! (it’s the little things!)
  4. Health = wealth. I ate really well and exercised often when I was in Kauai and it made such a huge impact on my emotional and mental well-being, I avoided almost all dairy and gluten while on my trip and it truly made such a huge difference in my attitude and comfort. I am hoping to continue this when back at home in LA!
  5. Kindess is contagious. If you’ve ever been to any of the Hawaiian Islands, the kindness and loving nature of so many of people who live there is absolutely contagious. I have many family friends who live in Kauai and who are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. A small hug or a passing smile to a stranger can uplift you in the most transformative ways.


I’m currently in Kauai and am having the best time so far – soaking up the sun and spending time with family. We come to Kauai every year for Christmas and New Year’s and this tradition never gets old. My sister gets in to the island on Sunday and my parents come in a week and I am so excited! I love exploring the island with my family but also enjoy having time to myself. On today’s agenda: workout, breakfast, reading, Christmas shopping and the beach! Doesn’t get much better that that. 🙂

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Just A Reminder…

Hello loves and happy Saturday! We just finished up fall classes at school and are now heading into finals week…crazy how quickly this quarter went by! I wanted to share some reminders that have been weighing on my heart heavily, especially heading into one of the most stressful weeks of the quarter. Winter vacation is so, so close! Keep your heads up!

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  1. GPA is NOT everything. This is starting to become more and more clear, especially as I am beginning to have interviews for potential internship opportunities. GPA is just a number and has no indication of who you are as a person or how smart you are.
  2. Studying for longer doesn’t mean you’re any more prepared. I’ve learned after spending a few years in an intense high school and college setting that studying for longer does not necessarily mean that you know the material any better. Studying is all about being smart with your time and being efficient. I like to take breaks every 45 minutes to an hour to make sure that I am letting myself breath a little bit.
  3. Eat well and fuel your body! I know that during this time of year it’s easy to fall into the habit of eating quick and oftentimes unhealthy meals. Of course, balance is everything, but I’ve found that the better I nourish my body during finals week the better I feel. It’s a domino effect; the better I feel the more productive I am.

Remember: five years from now (heck, one year from now) no one’s going to care what grades you got or what your GPA is. Cut yourself a break – you’re doing the best you can! 

The Easiest Makeup Routine EVER!

Happy Saturday, loves! I’m excited to be back today with an updated makeup routine that consists of so few products. Doing my makeup routine is kind of like my morning ritual. I love getting ready for the day and looking my best to help motivate me throughout the day. I’ve been experimenting with different products lately and am happy to have found my holy grail of products.

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  1. I always start off with this Wet n Wild natural finish spray. I use this as a primer and as a setting for my makeup. I love the finish of it and it always wakes me up!
  2. Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation is amazing. I’ve mentioned this product on the blog before but this foundation is my favorite on the market and it’s less than $10! I always apply a light coat of this with a makeup sponge.
  3. It Cosmetics under-eye concealer is a little pricey but it really gets the job done. I recently picked up the under-eye illuminator that I think is better than just the actual under-eye cream.
  4. Depending on the coverage I want, sometimes I add a light coat of powder on top. Sephora powder is great but I especially like Loreal TrueMatch.
  5. I brush out my eyebrows first and then apply a coat of Essence eyebrow gel. I love how full this makes my brows look!
  6. I use both a mascara primer and then the actual mascara. I love the primer because it adds volume and separates my lashes. I use Loreal Primer and Covergirl Lashblast on top.
  7. I just got the Anastasia Glow Kit and am loving it so far. I wish the palette wasn’t so large and bulky but the colors really can’t be beat. I apply the highest and darkest shades to my cheekbones for an added glow.
  8. Fresh lip color in “Rose” is my everyday go-to. I don’t like wearing lipstick so the Fresh option was my best bet. I love the rosy color that is sheer and goes with everything.

And there you go! Happy Saturday 🙂 


Thankful, Always

I know this post is belated but I wanted to write it anyway. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to give thanks for the people we have in our lives but I don’t think that these feelings should be reserved for just one day of the year. Today I wanted to share what I’m thankful, especially during the time of year when giving thanks is so abundant 🙂

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  1. Family: Family is everything to me. There is nothing I love more than the Saturday family lunches that I had back in elementary, middle and high school. Even I don’t live far from home, I am always excited to go home.
  2. Home: Living in southern California is truly a blessing. I grew up in California and was lucky to also go to university here. Although I would love to travel when I’m older and perhaps live somewhere different at some point in time, my heart will always be here.
  3. Friendships + Relationships: I truly value each and every friend that I have. I have been blessed by friends both at school and at home that feel like family. I am also beyond blessed by the relationship I have with my boyfriend. He is the sweetest in all the land.
  4. Health: Being healthy and having the ability to have a living, breathing body is something I can sometimes take for granted. I am so incredibly thankful for all of the abilities that my body given me.
  5. Sunshine: I didn’t realize until recently how important sunshine was in my life until we had a period of cloudiness and rain in southern California a few weeks back. I need sunshine to thrive both physically and emotionally.
  6. Music and movies: These two kind of go hand and hand. One of my favorite ways to recharge is to sit down and watch a film or to listen to some music. I am currently all about the holiday movies and music, so “The Holiday”, “Love Actually” and Leslie Odom Jr.’s new holiday album have me feeling all of the feels.