Pride and Prejudice


Looking for your Mr. Darcy? Or are you perhaps intrigued by the wonderful lives of the Bennet sisters? Well, if you answered “yes” to both, Jane Austen is your gal! Pride and Prejudice, commonly known as Jane Austen’s most successful novel encircles the lives of the five lower-class Bennet sisters and their quest to find husbands while “high in society.” The plot mainly revolves around Elizabeth Bennet, the female protagonist of the story, and how her relationship develops with a mysterious, yet rude gentleman named Fitzwilliam Darcy. Will their varying social classes keep Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy at a distance, or will a relationship spark unexpectedly? Engross yourself in this classic novel in order to find out!


The classic novel, Pride and Prejudice takes place in several locations including Hertfordshire, Meryton, and Longbourn, all right outside of London, England. So, what are some exciting things to do in Hertfordshire? Let’s take a look:

1. Henry Moore’s Home: Henry Moore, a famous English sculptor was the owner of gardens, studios, and galleries in Hertfordshire. His home is now open, and beautifully showcases his large sculptures in Perry Green.

2. Butterfly World Project: Known as “London’s own Eden Project,” the Butterfly World Project is the world’s largest developing butterfly sanctuary, located on a plot of land that stretches 27 acres long. This large piece of land houses fields of meadows and an interactive butterfly experience, with 10,000 different species of butterflies.

And Longbourn?

1. Longbourn Home: Home to the Bennet family from the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, the Longbourn Home has become one of the most famous homes in the world. The home includes a library, a large hall, three bedrooms, and beautiful gardens.

…How about Meryton?

1. Carriage Ride: Sweep through the lovely streets of Lacock, the Cotswolds, and Meryton on this three and a half hour carriage ride. All three locations are known for starring in Emma, Pride and Prejuduce, and Harry Potter. 


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