Dear John


Nicholas Sparks is the master of tragic romances. Dear John was another one of his best-sellers and eventually became a motion picture. The story of John and Savannah, two completely different people who come together while Savannah is working on a service project in the area. Savannah’s purse plunges into the ocean and John comes to her rescue, the beginning of a very complicated relationship. The two fall in love after about two weeks, but John is deployed to the war shortly after and they begin to exchange letters . But maybe the letters will be the one thing that pulls them apart.


…Wilmington, North Carolina!

1. Battleship North Carolina: This ship was first launched in 1940 and was the first of ten battleships to join the American fleet in World War II. In 1941, “she” was known as the ocean’s deadliest weapon, her crew expanding to nearly 2,400 men.

2. Airlie Gardens: These beautiful gardens stretch 67 acres long, filled with different species of azaleas, magnolia, camellias, and wisteria. The garden was originally private when it was creates in 1901 but is now open to the public.

3. Riverwalk: The Riverwalk is a beautiful one-mile walk along the riverbank in downtown Wilmington. Several shops and restaurants are also located around the boardwalk.


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