Hey all! I hope your week has been going splendidly thus far. Lately I’ve been ridiculously busy (what else is new) as the school year comes to a close and summer approaches (!). My favorite ways to take a breather in between schoolwork, extracurricular, and test prep is by listening to music, watching a good show/movie, or snacking on a sweet treat. I’m really looking forward to watching Pride and Prejudice this weekend, my all-time favorite movie and book, and baking up a storm.

Spring has given me a whole new mindset for the few months ahead as I prepare for my summer. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but this spring I’m all about pastels, neutrals, and causal looks. This sunny season means fresh flowers in the house, weekend runs to the market, and tons of sweet goodies. Can anyone cue, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music?! Have a great rest of your week!


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