Paris, Je t’aime

I’m a huge travel fanatic and am super excited to be doing a little bit of driving this summer. Although I’ve never been to Paris, I am absolutely in love with the Parisian mentality: simple yet chic. I am a little bit of a French fanatic and check in almost daily on one of my favorite blogs, Paris in Four Months. Carin’s blog is absolutely stunning, as is her photography. For the Paris-obsessed, Paris in Four Months is the ultimate eye candy. I love how Carin incorporated so many different elements into her blog: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and her adventures as a photographer in the City of Light. Dream job right here, friends. 14190564094_88359ce612_o 14079013939_59cee162a4_o 13764229153_b47bb8bb58_o-1 14290548674_55f0bfb770_o 14042225987_f6b8338dbf_o 14098892618_2a10601c35_o


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