I’ve already started school but it still doesn’t feel like summer has completely left us in my part of the world. Part of that could be due to the summer-like weather we have in my town all year round, or the fact that people just aren’t ready for fall. Either way, summer is unfortunately coming to an end and I’ve slowly but surely attempted to transition my lifestyle into fall-mode. Now cue the pumpkin spice lattes! I really love fall despite the lack of fall-like weather we have in my sunny hometown. The leaves changing color, the crisp autumn air, and the smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven…ok, all really cliché, but you get the point. One of my favorite parts of fall is the clothing. I love sweaters, boots, and practically any excuse to wear the color burgundy. With that being said, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pieces for fall below. Can you guys tell I’m obsessed with neutrals?! Have a great rest of your Labor Day weekend!

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