My 5 Favorite Books

Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite books of all time. Some of these books I’ve read more recently and others I read when I was a child, but my love for each is undying.

  1. Pride and Prejudice: Pride and Prejudice is without a doubt my favorite book of all time. Austen is clever, hilarious, and relatable – my favorite type of writer. I’m also pretty sure I was Elizabeth Bennett in a past life.
  2. The Harry Potter Series: Harry’s adventures at Hogwarts are what kept me up for hours into the night throughout middle school. The movies were also fantastic, which is definitely a bonus.
  3. Jane Eyre: You’re probablty thinking by now, ok, this girl is obviously obsessed with 18th century British literature. Correct you are! I was required to read Jane Eyre in 10th grade for my literature class and absolutely fell in love with the novel; a beautiful love story with a twist.
  4. The Fault in Our Stars: John Green writes some of the most relatable characters I’ve ever come across in my reading. The love story between Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters is heartbreakingly beautiful; I cried for a good ¾ of the book.
  5. The Secret Garden: Frances Hodgson Burnett chronicles the story of Mary Lennox and her young cousin, Colin, who suffers from a long-lasting illness. The magic of the secret garden and Mary’s relationship with her cousin is beyond precious, and is great for any reader of any age.

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