Letting It Go…

This morning I took a yoga class that was part spiritual enlightenment, part intense workout. The teacher was beyond inspirational and had a great attitude, joking around and making us laugh in the midst of painful exercises. She said something towards the beginning of the class that really stayed with me: things don’t happen to you, they happen through you. I’ve never really thought about life in that way, but I couldn’t agree more.

Yoga is a spiritual practice that has done me so much good; I not only feel more balanced in both my emotional and physical selves, but I am a much more relaxed person in general. Today’s class was centered around the idea that “letting go” is the only way to completely enjoy your practice. I tend to be a stress ball, but when I hit my yoga mat, all of my worries just disappear.

As cliché as it sounds, yoga has really helped me find a sense of enlightenment. Some days I prefer a hard workout and on other days I crave a deep stretch and gentle breathing. As I make my way into my last semester of high school, I’m going to keep my teacher’s words in mind: Let. It. Go.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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