What High School Has Taught Me


High school has always been a balancing act for me. Since ninth grade, it’s been difficult for me to relax given my heavy academic schedule, extracurriculars, and personal priorities. Although my time in high school is coming to a close, I’ve been using these last few months as a reflection period on what went well and what didn’t go so well throughout my four years of high school.

The Good:

* I’ve made some amazing friends in high school. I’m so happy to have a core group of people that I can always rely on.

* I’ve been exposed to incredible teachers. Not only have I had great teachers, but interesting courses as well.

* I found my niche. I discovered what my strengths and weaknesses were, both in and out of the classroom.

The Bad:

* I spent a lot of time worrying about my grades/SAT scores. The time that I spent worrying took away time from more productive activities.

* I constantly compared myself to others. If I can give any advice to an incoming high school student, it would be to never compare yourself to others.

* Time management. I’ve become better about planning my time and maintaining some type of balance, but I’ve definitely struggled with time management for a good portion of high school.

I’m so excited to be heading off to college in the fall and continuing to utilize this blog as my creative space. I’m really interested in expanding the blog to include tips about living a more balanced and productive life in addition to sharing my love of style, beauty, and other happy things.

What have been the best and worst parts of high school for you?


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