Simple Luxuries

High school is hard, ya feel? The last few weeks of school are slowly approaching and I’m finding that I’m getting more and more overwhelmed each day. I’ve been trying to cut down on my coffee intake, but with these long school days, it seems almost impossible. Today I’m sharing five of my best “pick-me-ups” (that don’t include indulging in caffeine).


1. Take a walk. I love to take my dog on walks because I have the ability to clear my head and spend some time outside, which rarely happens at school. Even just 15 minutes outside can instantly boost my mood.

2. Bake something! I absolutely love to bake and after a long day at school, a batch of brownies or sugar cookies lifts my mood almost instantly.

3. Write about it. Although I’ve never been the type of person to keep a diary, I think writing about what’s bothering you is extremely helpful. Writing things down helps me to get a bigger picture of what is specifically bringing me down.

4. Sing it out. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love to sing along to Broadway tunes like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes when I’m driving, one of my favorite songs will come on and I’ll start singing like a maniac. This almost always brightens my mood.

5. Take a bubble bath. I haven’t taken a bubble bath for years but I was recently talking to a few of my friends who were experiencing a great deal of stress; many recommended taking a bath once a week to release any tension and to unwind.

What’s the best way for you to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down?


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