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After a restful stay in Torgiano we took the train to Florence. Florence is my favorite Italian city and our latest visit did not disappoint. Florence is always extremely warm in the summer, but that combined with the amount of tourists made our adventures around the city a little more difficult. My family stayed in a quieter, more local section of Florence this last time, which was great because we had the opportunity to explore a different part of town.

Some of my favorite activities from this trip were visiting Michelangelo’s Miniato, which is a great place to get a panoramic view of the city. Two of the four nights we spent in Florence, my parents and I dined at Trattoria Quattro Leone, a delicious Italian restaurant located in the Piazza della Passera. I ordered the roast chicken with a side of meatballs, which was truly fantastic. Right next door to the restaurant was a new-to-me gelatteria called Gelateria della Passera, a popular little gelato shop that specializes in low-sugar gelato. If you ever make it there, I highly recommend the coffee-flavored gelato.

We made our way into a neighboring town called Fiesole during our visit to Florence. Fiesole is tucked into the hill above Florence and is so charming. It was nice to escape the hustle and bustle of Florence for a few hours. Also, the views in Fiesole cannot be beat.


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