Packing for Europe


Although I’m sad that my Europe trip is coming to an end, I’m excited to get back home and relax for a little bit before hitting the road again. This trip I’ve learned a lot about how to get around Europe more efficiently and how to pack more effectively; let’s be honest, trekking around the Parisian metro with a 45 pound suitcase is not an easy feat. I’m sharing some of my packing advice for a European adventure, but I think these essentials could also apply to other vacation destinations. The weather in Europe shifts dramatically day to day so keep that in mind when preparing your bags.

Have a great week!

1. Tops: 

* White button down

* Black tank top

* Basic blouse

* Bright blouse

* Casual black dress

* Cocktail dress

* Neutral sweater

2. Bottoms

* Black skirt

* Jean shorts

* “Stretchy” shorts

* Jeans

3. Accessories

* Panama hat (or baseball hat)

* Light scarf *


* Layered necklace

* Sunglasses

* Portable umbrella

4. Shoes

* Tan sandals

* Neutral sneakers

* Ballet flats


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