How To Save Money In College


* Image via Lark & Linen 

I’ve never been a thrifty person. If I find something I like that’s a reasonable price, I’ll probably buy it. Although I’ve been better about my spending habits over the past few months, I know that I can still make some small tweaks in my lifestyle. As I’m sure many of you already know, college is expensive. Everything adds up really quickly; as a current student, I’m hoping to maximize my budget and cut out things that aren’t absolutely necessary:

1. Take advantage of your resources: I had a tutor in high school for both the SAT and for my math classes, and let me tell you, it was not cheap. At my college, there is an academic resource center that is always equipped with tutors in a variety of subjects. The best part? The tutors there don’t charge anything. Also, form study groups with people from your classes. You’ll not only save money by not having a tutor, but you might also make some new friends!

2. Make the most of your dining card swipe: Although my dining card allows me to have three meals per day, I still crave snacks throughout the day. In my dining hall, fruit or small sides are sometimes available as a grab-and-go option. Instead of stocking up on snacks at the grocery, grab a small side from the dining hall that you can have later.

3. Check the library before the textbook room: Textbooks contribute heavily to the expense of college. My university library sometimes houses the same textbooks that are available at the campus store. Always scope out the library first to see if they have the textbook you need.

4. Split expenses with your roommate/friend: If you have a small load of laundry that needs to get done, ask a roommate/friend if they need anything washed and then split the cost of the machine. Another good tip is to buy supplies for your dorm room in bulk and then split the cost and the products in half.

Do you have any tips on how to save money in college? I’m all ears! 


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