My Rush Experience


I just finished my first official week of college, which was both amazing and overwhelming. I’m really enjoying the classes I’m taking right now, in addition to the people I’ve met within the past week or so. However, the beginning of classes coincided with sorority rush, which made my first week of school extremely stressful. My friends who didn’t participate in rush this year have been asking me non-stop about what the experience was like and if I was happy with the end result. To be perfectly honest, rush is a lot more difficult than most people think. The rush process lasted for six days at my university, with 4-5 hours of events each day. Despite the grueling schedule, I’m so happy I went through the process because I absolutely love my house and the other girls I’ve met in the chapter.

Today I’m going to be sharing some of my tips to ensure that you have the best possible rush experience!

  1. Pack a tote of essentials. I learned pretty quickly that bringing a large tote bag for all of my things was really the only way to go. Definitely bring a water bottle, chapstick, small snacks, sunscreen, and a notebook and pen. Most of our activities were back-to-back in addition to being outside, so it was important to have sunscreen, sunglasses, and water on hand.
  2. Bring a book/homework. There was a lot of downtime throughout the day, so I highly recommend bringing a book or a homework assignment to work on. My school restricted girls from being on their cell phones during rush, so most people either socialized or did homework.
  3. Record your thoughts in a journal or notebook. When you’re visiting so many houses each day and meeting tons of different girls, it becomes difficult to keep your thoughts straight. Definitely bring some type of notebook where you can jot down your ideas; trust me, this was help you out a ton when you need to begin eliminating houses.
  4. Find someone to talk to. I’m not sure how other universities work, but at my college we had Rho Gammas, who were essentially our student advisors. My Rho Gamma was a saint throughout the entire rush experience; in addition to providing me with awesome advice, she was there to calm us all down when we were feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Avoid talking about your rush experience with other girls. This might be the most difficult thing to do and I definitely plead guilty to talking with other girls about my opinion of each house. Everyone has a very unique rush experience, so it’s unfair for you to compare your experience with another girl’s experience. Talking to other girls during rush made me jealous, frustrated, and confused because I was constantly comparing my opinions with others.

Rush is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience, so enjoy it for all it is! Have a great weekend!


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