Why I Love My Parents


Now you may be reading the title of this post and thinking, well duh, Catherine, everyone loves their parents. Let me stop you right there. So many of my friends in college are thrilled to have left home and to separate themselves from their parents. Yes, I love college so far and the experiences I’ve had here thus far, but I really miss my parents. I talk to my parents on the phone/facetime at least once a day, which I sometimes don’t even think is enough.

Thankfully, last weekend was Parent’s Weekend at my school, so my parents made the one hour drive north to come and visit me for the weekend. They arrived Friday morning and left Sunday afternoon, so we had a wonderful, jam-packed two days together. I’m extremely close with both of my parents, so it was a ton of fun to show them around my school and talk to them about what had been happening over the last few weeks. Honestly, the entire weekend was a blur of emotions because I laughed to the point where my stomach almost burst, and then was on the verge of tears come Sunday when my parents had to head back home.

The main point of me writing this blog post is to not brag about the amazing relationship I have with my parents, but to instead how important parents are. My family is not perfect by any means, but I love them all the more for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re parents are your best friends or your worst enemies; cherish them nonetheless. You only got one set of ’em. 😉


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