Life Lately

Today I finished my last class of fall quarter as a college freshman. Where in the world does time go?! I’m so excited to head out on my family vacation next weekend, but until them I need to study for finals (bleh). Life has been pretty busy with the holidays, my sorority, and schoolwork, but I had a ton of fun this quarter so I can’t wait to see what’s to come for the rest of my freshman year. Some snapshots from my life are down below…


Although my school lost to USC at our annual cross-town rivalry game, it was still fun to hang out with friends and cheer on the Bruins!


Intellegista Coffee

A few friends and I drove down to Pasadena a few weeks ago and stopped by Old Town. We came across the cutest little coffee joint called Intellegista, which is home to one of the best mochas I’ve ever had!


Norton Simon Museum 

I had never heard of this museum but it is definitely a hidden treasure! I was excited to see that they were showcasing some of my favorite artists like Monet.


Los Liones Hiking Trail

I went hiking with a few of my sorority sisters a few weeks ago which was a ton of fun! We hiked a beautiful trail in Malibu that had amazing views of LA.



I was initiated into my sorority a few weekends ago. This was a surreal experience that was so rewarding and I can’t wait to live out my college experience with some amazing sisters by my side!



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