Valentine’s Day



This coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday that always seems to sneak up on me. Although I don’t have any official Valentine’s Day activities planned, I’m looking forward to spending time with those I love.

For me, Valentine’s Day is so much more than a holiday about relationships; instead, I like to think as a holiday where we celebrate all kinds of love. This includes relationships between parents and their children, relationships between friends, and relationships between lovers.

I’m very conflicted on the topic of Valentine’s Day because I love love, but I also dislike the fact that so much of Valentine’s Day is focused only on romantic love. Does anyone else share this opinion? I feel like I always receive dagger eyes when I say that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by all types of people, not just those in relationships. Because let’s be honest, friends, love in general is something to celebrate!

Have a lovely rest of your week! 


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