A Note on Authenticity


I really don’t like the winter months, friends. Although it’s nice to have the occasional rain here in SoCal, I will always be a sunshine girl. These winter months have me thinking a lot about what I want to achieve over the next year; I set new year’s goals in January, so I typically devote February, March, and April to seeing these goals take shape. Right now, I haven’t been seeing many of my goals progress. And I’m ok with it. 

I was recently talking to my mom about how I tend to overthink everything. I didn’t turn in a homework assignment for that one class? I’m going to fail. A classmate didn’t respond to my text message immediately? She doesn’t want to be friends. My mind is constantly manifesting all these ideas that are almost always false. This leads to chronic stress, which prevents me from living out a full and healthy life.

The real me is a neat freak and people pleaser, but is also an all-around really nice person. I love dogs more than most people, I enjoy romantic comedies to no end, and I really love a good laugh. This is my authentic self. 

As many times as you may hear it, I dare you to love more, worry less, and work smarter. I will always be anxious, anal, and complicated, but if I don’t accept myself now, will I ever?


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