Bye Freshman Year!


Hi friends! I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I last blogged – life has been crazy busy with finals, my sister’s graduation, and moving out of my dorm. I’m finally back home for summer vacation and it feels amazing. I only live about an hour away from my university but the environment of my hometown is drastically different and so much more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Anyway, I wanted to dedicate today’s blog post to a few of the things I learned from my freshman year of college.

  1. Make friends early on: I go to a huge school, so it was difficult for me to make friends immediately. Instead of expecting to meet your people instantly, try getting involved in clubs or activities that interest you. It’s a lot easier to make lasting friendships when you meet people who share your common values and interests.
  2. Get out of your dorm: Going to college can be really scary, especially since you’re in a new environment that is unfamiliar to you. The only way to will yourself to adjust to your school is to get out and explore. I had so many wonderful experiences when I just decided to leave my dorm for a few hours and tour around L.A. or the village surrounding my school.
  3. Exercise often: I really struggled to find time in my schedule to work out, but when I did I felt so much better. Working out allowed me to relieve stress and take breaks from studying. I’m not a bug gym buff so I enrolled in a yoga class which ended up being a nice change from my weekly gym workouts.
  4. Invest in high-quality dorm supplies: Shopping for your dorm can be intimidating because you need a lot of stuff. When I first planned out my dorm, I didn’t realize how many different items I would need to purchase. Consequently, I ended up buying a lot of inexpensive items that ultimately fell apart after being used so much. Instead, invest in high-quality dorm supplies that will last you throughout your entire college career.
  5. Find a schedule that works for you: For the first few months of college I kind of just rolled with the punches. I would eat where my friends wanted to eat, stay up late talking to people in my hallway, or go on weekend destinations that were never really fun or interesting to me. It wasn’t until the last quarter of my freshman year that I began to realize that I should be doing things that wanted to do. It’s important to establish your own schedule that does not necessarily fit the needs or interests of your peers, whether that’s going to bed early, exercising, or eating at times that works for you.

That about sums it up! If you have any tips from your freshman year feel free to share them below! 


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