Exploring Balboa

One of my dear friends came to visit me last weekend, which was just perfect timing because the weather has been beautiful the last few weeks here in southern California. The two of us headed out to Balboa Island, a popular tourist destination year-round. Balboa Island is incredibly charming, from its cute homes, walkable village, and amazing views of the bay. If you’re interested in making your way to the beach on Balboa Peninsula, you can just hop onto the Balboa Ferry and you’re good to go!



The views from the top of the ferris wheel! ^ 

One of my favorite things about Balboa is the laid-back attitude. If you’re in the Balboa area for lunch, I recommend checking out Mint Leaf, a quirky Thai restaurant. If you want to pick out a snack for the beach, stop by Hershey’s Market in the main village on Balboa Island. For activities, there really is so much to do in this area. My family enjoyed a duffy boat ride a few years ago, which allowed us to both enjoy a meal on the water in addition to cruising our own boat around the bay. The fun zone area on Balboa Peninsula is outdated, but it’s fun to do a turn on the ferris wheel or to rent a jet ski once in a while.



View from the Balboa Pier ^ 

Balboa is such a fun area to explore and such a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and Orange County. Although the Balboa area gets chaotic during the summer months, it is also a great place to relax in the offseason.


What are some of your favorite local gems? Please share below!


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