Currently Coveting: Lush Cosmetics

You may be reading the title of this post and thinking “You’re just now getting on the Lush bandwagon?!” Yes, I know, I’m late to the game. I always knew that Lush products were extremely popular, especially among girls my age, but I never understood the rage – until now. One of my roommates is a huge Lush fan and has convinced me to try out a few of their products. The first thing on my list? The heavenly-smelling coffee mask! Read on to see some of the Lush products I’m eager to try. Do you have any recommendations? I’m all ears!

(1) ‘Cup O’ Coffee’ Mask: My roommate just raves about this stuff. I love how unique the product is as well – the coffee scent would really wake me {and my skin} up!

(2) ‘Intergalactic’ Bath Bomb: I’ve only heard great things about these bath bombs. Apparently they smell amazing. 

(3) ‘Ocean Salt’ Scrub: I love the smell of ocean water so this scrub is right up my alley.

(4) ‘Jersey Bounce’ Shampoo: I have yet to try the hair treatments from Lush. Nonetheless, I’m itching to sample the ‘Jersey Lift’ formula for extra volume.

(5) ‘Charm’ Lipstick: I’m a big fan of nourishing lip balms that also have a hint of color. This Lush lip treatment looks really pigmented so you get color and soft lips. Win-win.




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