Health Update



Hi all! Today I want to share a little health update! I don’t include a lot of food-related or diet-related posts on my blog but I thought it would be a good topic to discuss especially because I’ve recently experienced a major shift in my diet. For the last month or so, I’ve been trying really hard to eliminate both gluten and dairy products from my daily diet. Honestly, this has been an extremely difficult change especially because I am currently in college where few dairy or gluten alternatives are readily available.

I have a lot of family members who suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance so I wasn’t completely surprised when I began noticing that many gluten and dairy free products don’t sit well with me. I began with some small steps such as only drinking lactose-free milk and not indulging in wheat-based products. I’m also simultaneously trying to cut down my meat intake and focus on bringing more plant-based foods into my diet.

Although it’s only been a month, I can already notice a big difference in how I feel. I feel more energetic and happy. I have also have cut coffee from my diet (with the occasional latte here and there) which has made my feel so. much. better. Isn’t it amazing what small changes can do for you?

So, that’s a little health update for you! I have a lot of friends who have been considering switching to a gluten free and/or lactose free diet and I cannot recommend it enough. But please keep in mind that it’s always important to have a balance; you know what they say – “life is short, eat dessert first”;).


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