How To Battle the Winter Blues

I know I’m not the only one who finds that I tend to be a little moodier during the winter months. Besides my birthday being towards the end of January, the colder months following the holidays are sometimes difficult to get through, especially when spring (my favorite season!) is within grasp. There are a few things I like to do, both at school and at home, that help me to combat the winter blues. Read on for more deets!



  1. Hunker down in a cute coffee shop: I’m a self-acclaimed chai latte-addict and there’s nothing better than finding a cute little coffee shop to hang out in when it’s chilly outside. If I’m doing homework or catching up with a friend, a coffee shop is one of my favorite ways to instantly lift my mood.
  2. Book a weekend getaway: Living so close to home really has its perks. I live just an hour away from my school and escaping Los Angeles during the winter is a real treat, especially with the traffic and chaos that I face daily in this city. It’s always nice to see my family (and dog!) and spend some time away from campus.
  3. Explore my neighborhood: When I want to spend a weekend at school then I always try to find at least one or two activities that will get me out of my room. One of my very favorite things to do in LA is to explore new museums. There is no shortage of amazing art in Los Angeles. I especially love visiting museums in the morning before they get crowded and then grabbing a bite to eat afterwards!
  4. A day at the theater: I love going to the movie theater any time of the year but it is particularly enjoyable during the winter months. There are also a lot of amazing movies out right now – La La Land is currently on my list!
  5. Attend a fitness class: There’s a CorePower Yoga studio just a few blocks from my school and I like to book a class there once in a while. A while back I tried out one of their sculpt classes, which is a combination of yoga and pilates in a heated setting. I really don’t like hot yoga but I thought that the atmosphere in the sculpt class was super challenging and encouraging. Getting a good sweat is also a nice bonus when it’s cold outside.

What are some of your favorite activities to do during the winter months? 


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