Currently Coveting: Statement Rugs

I’m not one to constantly try out the latest trends given my affinity for clean and classic style, but I will say that there are a few interior design trends that I can get behind. One of these trends has been in style for a while but it wasn’t until recently that I noticed how drawn I am to clean, bright interiors that have a pop of color. I’ve always loved color but I always gravitate towards neutrals in interior design. When picking out bedding and decor for my dorm room, I based my color palette on navy, gold and pops of white; although my love of neutrals still holds true, I’ve found myself really loving bold pops of color lately.

I love the look of a bright rug in a neutral-clad home. Whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. – I love the fresh look of a colorful rug. I really love bright rugs that almost have a vintage vibe to them, where the colors are not too loud and the design is simple. I’ve rounded up a few favorite examples of the colorful rug trend and now I’m itching to try it in my own space. Interior design makes me excited to decorate and furnish an apartment of my own in the near future!











What are your thoughts on the colorful rug trend?


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