Spring On A Budget

Hey what’s up HELLO! I don’t know about any of you, but one of my favorite things is to find new blogs to follow and gather inspiration from. I have no shortage of amazing ladies that I follow for travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle inspo. both online and on Instagram. Buttttttt, the one downside with so many of these fashion/travel bloggers (in my opinion, anyways), is that almost everything that they wear/buy is so. darn. expensive! There have been multiple times when I’ve seen a blogger wearing an adorable outfit, only to find out later that the blouse alone costs more than my two week’s salary. This girl’s on a budget! So today I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite fashion finds (all spring-related!) that don’t break the bank. I am all for affordable fashion and am a big believer that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look amazing.

1. Target rockstud sandals. I was at my local Target earlier today and did a double-take when I saw these sandals. (Sidenote: Does anyone else go into Target with two things on their list and leave with like five unnecessary things? Story of my life.) Anyway, I picked up these sandals in the tan color and absolutely love them. They’re not the best quality but for $28 I really couldn’t pass them up. They’re so similar to the Valentino ones, but cost about $900 less haha.


2. I spotted these at Nordstrom and they’re the perfect white denim shorts! They’re also the perfect length – not too long and not too short.


3. This LOFT top is a little pricey but LOFT is always having amazing sales so you can definitely snag it for a good deal!


4. These Urban Outfitters sunglasses are my fave! They’re a great dupe for Karen Walker sunnies.


5. This cotton military jacket just went on sale and it’s perfect for spring. But be warned: it runs really, really big so definitely size down!



What websites/stores do you browse for cute, affordable fashion? I’m all ears! 


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