How I Unwind At Night

I love getting ready for bed every night (anyone else?!) I find it so relaxing to take my makeup off, to hop in the shower and to later burn a candle or turn on my oil diffuser as I read or watch a show before heading to bed. Now that I live in my sorority house I’ve developed a relaxing night routine.



  1. Slip into my robe. I have the softest, coziest robe that I look forward to wearing every. Single. Night. Putting on my robe also motivates me to actually get ready for bed.
  2. Take my makeup off/take a shower. I love taking my makeup off after a long day and hopping into the shower. Around this year I like experimenting with different body washes and scents such as peppermint and cinnamon.
  3. Put on a facemask. Especially with being back in school I find that pampering myself a little each night is a great way for me to wind down. Sometimes I’ll put on a facemask and other nights I’ll do my nails.
  4. Start my skincare routine. I apply moisturizer and under-eye cream every night before bed. I also love putting on lotion to make sure I can wake up to silky-smooth skin.
  5. Climb into bed. My nights differ depending on how I feel. Sometimes I like just being on my own and snuggling up in bed and listening to a really good playlist. Sometimes I like going downstairs and making a cup of tea and chatting with some of my sisters. Recently I have really loved making tea and writing in my journal before bed.

As you can see my bed-time routine is incredibly simple. I believe that self-care and wellness is so important; taking the time out of my day to pamper myself before bed makes a world of difference. 


Friday Inspiration

HAPPY WEEKEND! I am so happy to finally have some time to rest and recharge this weekend. For some reason I am sooo tired this week, which has also made me feel more uninspired than usual. This week I wanted to share some of the images I’ve been pinning on Pinterest. Pinterest is my go-to for finding creativity and inspiration so here ya go!











Calm Among the Chaos



Fall quarter is in the very early stages and I’m already feeling pretty overwhelmed. I’m taking on the course load of a senior, which includes getting my senior courses and thesis completed by the end of this year. It’s crazy that my years in college have gone by as quickly as they have. I’m spending this time finding calm in the chaos, knowing that later on I’m going to miss being surrounded by friends all the time and engaging in amazing topics and discussions in class everyday.

One of the key things that has allowed me slow down amidst all of the craziness in my life is my journal. Although I wouldn’t consider myself an avid journal-er, I love to write (hence this blog!). I have also found so much relaxation in scouring Pinterest for simple images/designs and then re-creating these images on my own. Because fall is upon us, I’ve taken a liking to drawing small pumpkins and leaves, two things you rarely ever see in SoCal! Anyway, I’m excited to be spending a weekend near the beach with my sorority sisters and to see my parents next week when they come to visit L.A.! Here are just some thoughts I wanted to share before I leave this corner of the Internet for the night…

(1) When was the last time you had a really good hug? Not like an awkward side hug but a real hug that enveloped you and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

(2) Coffee-shop connoisseurs are a real thing, right?! If so, I want that to be my current job title on LinkedIn.

(3) It’s amazing what a good friend and a good laugh can do to your mood.

(4) There is so much darkness in this world but there is also room for so much light.


Happy almost Friday! 

Year III

Holy moly I’m a THIRD YEAR IN COLLEGE?! To think that this will be my third year at my dream school is something that I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. The year has been off to a great (albeit tiring) start because the first week of classes coincided with sorority recruitment. So now that we’re on to the second week of classes I feel like I can finally breathe again. This weekend has been super relaxing thus far. I headed over to a brand new mall in my neighborhood yesterday that is legitimately gorgeous. Not to mention that it has all of my favorite stores (Sephora, Free People, Madewell), just to name a few. My boyfriend is in the midst of interviewing for full-time and internship positions so spending quality time with him yesterday was so necessary. This upcoming week I’m excited to spend time with an old friend, delve deeper into my classes (I have 4 amazing classes this quarter) and watch the newest episode of This Is Us. Cheers to my junior year!

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^The end-of-summer banquet for my job. I love these 2 co-arts counselors!

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^Alumni tea for my sorority a few Sundays ago. We’re told quite often that me and my little look alike 😉

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^Love these babes!

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^When me and Jan realize we’re halfway done with college :’)

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^Andddd that concludes another year of recruitment! I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store!

It’s Fall, Y’all

It’s fall!…almost. I could not be more excited for the change in weather and scenery. Although southern California doesn’t change drastically during the fall season I still love all of the fall-time activities and traditions. This year I’m making a fall bucket list to make sure that I can get in all of my favorite fall activities before winter sets in! Read below for more deets…


  1. Visit a pumpkin patch. I did this last year and had so much fun! Even if you don’t end up taking a pumpkin home, experiencing a pumpkin patch is still a favorite fall tradition of mine, especially when cider is served on the premises haha.
  2. Try out different fall-time drinks. Although Starbucks is not my favorite place to grab coffee (too many artificial ingredients in my opinion), I do love their pumpkin chai latte. My goal this year is to try different variations of fall drinks (apple cider, chai, pumpkin drinks) at different coffee shops around L.A.
  3. Spend an afternoon at the nearest bookstore or library. One of my favorite things to do in the colder months is visit the nearest bookstore or library and snuggle up for a few hours with a book.
  4. Host a movie/hot chocolate night! I love hosting movie nights especially with some close friends in tow. I would love to host a movie and hot chocolate night and watch some holiday-themed movies when November and December roll around.
  5. Attend a hot yoga class. This is one of my favorite activities when it starts to turn cold. My favorite hot yoga courses are the candelit courses taught at CorePower.
  6. Go to the beach! This might seem odd but going to the beach in the fall when the temps cool down is one of my favorite things. It would be so much fun to bring a blanket and picnic to the beach in the early evening and watch the sun go down.


My Favorite Summertime Activities

Today marks the first day of September and I could not be more excited for the change in season. I absolutely love summer but the recent heat wave that we’ve been experiencing in SoCal has me longing for crisp fall days. Because summer is coming to a close, I wanted to share some of my favorite memories from the past few months. This summer has been one for the books and I’m so lucky that I was able to soak up the season in beautiful Southern California.

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  1. Checking out coffee shops. Although I spend the majority of my time during the summer working as an orientation counselor for my college, when I do have free time, I love to hop off campus and explore different coffee shops. I’ve compiled quite the list of my favorite almond milk lattes (my go-to drink) in both Los Angeles and Orange County. I also love having coffee shops dates with friends and catch up over some caffeinated goodness.
  2. Schedule beach days. Santa Monica is an easy drive from my school so I always love escaping to the coast and indulging in a beach day. Although Santa Monica Beach is typically super crowded, there have been days here and there were there isn’t a single soul on the beach. I love smelling the salty air and feeling the soft sand on my feet.
  3. Reading/relaxing inside. The older I get, the more I appreciate the quiet time that I have where I can just be on my own. I recently invested in an oil diffuser and it has completely changed my world. One of my new favorite activities, especially on those warm summer days, is to read a book/magazine and turn on my oil diffuser.
  4. Riding my back/finding alternate modes of transportation. Los Angeles is not the most walkable city but I still do enjoy walking as much as I can in the city. When I go back home on the weekends, I also love taking my bike out and exploring my neighborhood.
  5. Having a spa day. Just like I mentioned in #3, I love taking the time for myself during the summer. This past summer, I’ve had a couple spa days where I’ll do my nails, put on a face mask, and just relax for a few hours. It’s amazing what a little time to yourself can do for your mood and perspective. 🙂


The August Edit

How is it already the end of August? This month is just flying by and I can’t believe that my junior year of college is quickly approaching. Although this summer has been great, I’m  really looking forward to fall. Bring on all of the cozy sweaters, boots and pumpkin everything! Today I wanted to share some things that I’ve been loving on recently. Have a great rest of your weekend!



  1. Adidas “Superstars”: I told myself that I wouldn’t hop onto the Adidas bandwagon since everyone has them. I’m not the kind of person who goes along with every trend (still not a fan of crop tops) but when I saw the Superstars in pink, I caved in and bought them. I was surprised to see how comfortable they are and how they can add a little extra fun to an otherwise plain outfit.
  2. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in “Rose”: I have super dry lips so I’ve been on the hunt for a lip product that would keep my lips hydrated while also adding some color. Although the “Rose” shade is not very pigmented, it is so moisturizing and provides just the right amount of color.
  3. Urban Outfitters “Emma” Sunglasses: I’ve always been a big fan of Karen Walker sunglasses but I didn’t want to fork over a couple hundred dollars for sunglasses. Urban Outfitters has a great dupe that comes in a variety of colors and are a great price.
  4. Nars “Orgasm” Blush and “Laguna” Bronzer: I wanted to try out a new blush and bronzer and picked up this duo when I was checking out of Sephora the other day. I love how easy both of the products are to blend and that they provide just the right amount of color against my pale cheeks.
  5. Everyone Essential Oil Diffuser: An oil diffuser has been on my wishlist for a while but I didn’t want my first one to be super expensive in case I ended up not really liking it. I found the Everyone oil diffuser at Target for $30 and am really happy with it so far! I picked up some essential oils from Whole Foods and have loved experimenting with different scents. Everytime someone comes into my room at school they instantly notice how wonderful the scents smell. Definitely a favorite this month!

What are you loving this month?! Is anyone else super excited for fall?